ABOUT AndBeyond AndBeyondとは


The place that is the most comfortable in the world where your mind can be at peace
The place where you see your family and loved ones everyday
The place where you see your children growing up
The place where you are surrounded with your most favorite belongings and music
The place where you recover from daily fatigue and regain your energy for tomorrow
And the place where you spend most of your life

We help our customers get connected to such a place.  To find the ultimate “home” at the best condition that meets their desires, not just introducing and showing a list of residential properties, but correctly understanding their detailed requirements, preferences and needs from the customer’s view point while providing advice as a “home” professional, including things that the customer may not immediately see.  That is what we do and that is our mission.  To accomplish this, we support our customers in making correct and timely decisions by advising and providing the most accurate and up-to-date market analysis that is useful and practical for daily and local life.

Such a “home” is also an extremely valuable asset.  No matter how much the customer likes or values their own property, often times, due to market conditions, the market value of the property may not meet what the owner believes is the value when they need to rent or sell.  The difference in value can be significant, and we have seen such cases many times.  It is very disappointing and could have been a different result if the customer was aware of accurate market trends and information when purchasing or building their property.  We are fully aware of the importance of advising our customers based on objective market analysis, while accurately understanding their needs.

This philosophy applies when our customer is searching for an investment property, or trying to rent or sell their own property as well.  We can judge where the property is positioned in the market, where and how many competitive properties there are and how supply and demand could change in the future.  By doing this, we can identify the real market value of the property, not just a subjective price set by the seller.  This enables us to help our customer rent or sell their property at the best condition at the earliest time possible.

Residential properties are already in over supply, and this will continue to increase.  At the same time, the Japan population has already started to decrease.  The population of Tokyo, currently increasing, is estimated to start decreasing from the year 2020, and the aging population will continue to increase.  Due to the changing society and economy, market trends will change dramatically.  We believe that maintaining objective views based on up to date data is most important.

Our satisfaction comes from our customer’s satisfaction.  However, we are not just satisfied with meeting those levels of satisfaction, and strive to exceed our customer’s needs, expectation…And Beyond.

December, 2013

Tomomi Miyauchi Russell
Representative Director